“Orange” You Happy?!

If TJ and I have learned one thing since being married these four years, it’s that He swoops in at the very last second and makes it abundantly clear that He is in full control of our lives.

The problem was: We wanted to be on our way to Dallas by now to move into married housing at DTS by Aug. 20 so TJ could start back at DTS on the 23rd. We had no job come through in Texas, and therefore, couldn’t make the move.

The other problem: We are also at the end of our lease where we have been living (hoping that we would have been moving to Dallas by now)

We felt like we were in a bind because:

1. We aren’t ready to give DTS and Dallas up yet. We want to try to get there for the Spring semester! If we just stopped trying, we feel like we’d regret it. But…

2. Renting our current dinky apartment that we thought was VERY temporary on a month-to-month basis is outrageous (and goes against every reason we chose to live here in the first place by knocking out debt).

3. Locking ourselves into another longer lease would run us over the Spring semester when we could potentially move to Dallas.

So we were feeling at a loss wondering where we should live, what we should do, and where God wanted to plant us if it obviously wasn’t in His plan for us to be where we thought we should be.

Solution: Then Old Town Orange fell into our laps! Out of the blue I discovered a house for rent in the spot TJ and I have been eyeballing and dreaming about raising our family for the past year.

And: It’s the lowest rent we’ve ever paid in our married lives!

And: It’s closer to family (so close I live on the same street as my brother)!

And, the real kicker: The woman is leasing it to us on a month-to-month basis because she understands we have goals in life that may take us elsewhere and doesn’t want to stand in the way of a family wanting to change or better themselves! UNHEARD OF!

It’s as if God said it wasn’t time for us to move yet for some reason, and just when we thought we had no where to go and no clarity why, He gave us this home and said, “Stay here and be patient.”

When we looked at our new place, we realized we have come a long way in the past year.

Growing Pains we’ve endured:

1. God always provides everything you need, not necessarily everything you want. When TJ and I went through the rough stint of unemployment when we first came back to California and were pregnant, He always gave us just what we needed to survive the next hurdle. We completely ran out of money and options right after Sadie was born, and He blessed TJ with a job that more than takes care of us. It was just what we needed.

If you had asked me to move into this little home 2 years ago, I would have said you were crazy. It’s an older home in an historic district. I like things that are new in a nice package. There are no granite counter tops. And shocker…the carpet isn’t new. The bathroom doesn’t have 2 sinks, although it does have a lovely green sink…ha! There aren’t newly laid hardwood floors. If you walked through the place, you probably wouldn’t be all that impressed. You might even think we’re nuts for going where we are now, to this.

But what it does have is 2 bedrooms with doors! It has a little front yard. It has a space for me to garden-something I’ve always wanted to try. It has room for a washer and dryer. It’s in a safe neighborhood literally seconds away from family. And most importantly, it has a price tag that will allow us to throw even more money at our debt to someday live in a beautiful home debt-free.

2. The goal is not to live like everyone else. This is becoming an eye-opener for me. I’m so used to trying to keep up with everyone else and the wonderful things they have-all possessions. But my goal shouldn’t be to live like everyone else. “Live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later!” I’m learning more and more that my true happiness comes from my happy family, not what I’m able to bring home from a shopping spree (not that I ever did that). And we are happy when we are aligned with God’s will in our lives and living below our means to be good stewards of what He’s given us.

3. His timing is not our timing. As much as we want to be in Dallas, we don’t know if we will ever get there. As long as we feel called to go, we will try. But God has obviously made a way for us either way. If we find a job in Dallas, we can leave within the month because of the graciousness of our new landlord. If nothing ever comes to fruition, and it’s obvious to us down the line that we are supposed to stay in California, we are already living in the place we wanted to raise our family. So to wait and be patient is a blessing!

I guess we’ll be seeing what will happen next for our family, but in the mean time we will soak up the abundant blessings He is pouring on us in the present!


2 thoughts on ““Orange” You Happy?!

  1. Amazing when we are at the point of surrender how gracious God is to us! Don’t forget the awesome part tho about your cool friends living down the street =) hehe…

    Can’t wait for you to move in!! =)

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