Double Digits

10 months. Double digits. I can’t possibly be the only Mom who sees the 1 and the 0  next to each other and just wants to roll into the fetal position and start balling her eyes out because her baby is not such a baby anymore. As Sadie has journeyed through this past month of her little life, she has blossomed overnight into more and more of a toddler rather than a baby.

Don’t even begin to discuss the fact that her first birthday is a mere 2 months away. Please spare me!

News to report:

  • 2 more teeth have come in, so we now are sporting 2 bottoms and 2 tops with another top one on the way. Thank you to our trusty mesh feeder, Tylenol, teething tablets, ice, frozen blueberries, and cold water for your efforts to keep my baby happy.
  • We have decided that a good way to describe Sadie would be to tell you she has a very aggressive curiosity about life. She’s a passionate one who is sweet, funny, has a great sense of humor and is super happy. The only times she is upset is usually when she has a good reason to be (usually at the fault of her parents trying to figure out what the heck to do with their first child).

Things Sadie is into:

Stuffed Animals. Monkeys and bears are the best for good hugs, long conversations, and always a good laugh. And let’s not forget that they come with tags and tails to suck on!

Baby Wearing her monkey!

Reading books. She can turn pages, imitate some sounds, but most importantly, she has also learned to separate the good books from the not-so-good books (i.e. animal books from the non-animal books).

The Run Crawl. Usually in an attempt to get to one of her furry friends, Sadie will go from sitting on her bum and will propel herself like a jet taking off a runway to crawl super quick to the destination of her friend. It’s funny to watch.

Walls. She will specifically crawl to a wall just so she can lounge and lean back on it. This girl knows how to relax and take a little breather!

Picnic in the park

The great outdoors. Put her outside and she’s a happy camper.

Shoes. In the closet. She will spend all day in the closet checking out all the shoes if we let her. It grosses me out because, um….shoes are so dirty. But eventually the girl always finds one laying around!

Being a puppy. TJ and I can actually have a pretty peaceful conversation and finish a complete thought during dinner since Sadie loves to sit under the table at our feet like a little puppy. Sometimes she even begs for more food with a little whimper!

Things Sadie is not so into:

Diaper changes. I would discuss how horrible it is to change a cloth diaper full of poo while your child is feverishly working her way to her belly or off of the table while in so much of a screaming and crying tirade it actually puts fear into your being, or how sometimes it has just been so bad I have put her straight into the bathtub with clothes and diaper still on just so I can peacefully clean up the massive mess , but I’ll save that topic for another day.

Car seat. Sometimes she’s fine, but given the fact that the poor girl has spent way too much time in the car seat with our move from Aliso Viejo to Old Town Orange, she’s not such a fan of the thing anymore.

NIP. Better known as “Nursing in Public.” We officially CANNOT do this! She hates the nursing cover, hates to lay down, and has to look every where except where she’s supposed to be looking. Impossible.

Here’s some more highlights of some fun moments with our girl:

Crazy fun with Dada during bath time!

Why is this guy putting a bowl on my head?!

Laughing it up with Mama


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