In Need of a Remedy

After a very stressful, emotional, and downright painful week, the Brown family was in some serious need of some down time. Luckily Groupon (a local discount website that sends offers to your inbox daily) had a coupon for an awesome petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano called Zoomars! We snagged the coupon (6 tickets for $18…what a steal!) since this was on our list of fun things to do with our animal-loving Sadie anyways and took off  to show our girl some of her favorite animals this afternoon as a way to unwind after the trauma of the week.

By the pictures, I think you can gather we all had a good time:

Sadie, say "Mooooo!"

This guy can jump!

Daddy, that goat just ate my apple!

Check out that cow...hope it's grassfed!


















We also have a thing for playing music and dancing with Daddy:

I can help you play this song Dada!

She also plays drums...on Daddy's head!

I love my little girl! She makes me so incredibly happy!


Play date at the train station! Chugga chugga choo choo!


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