Settling In

It’s been a couple weeks now since our move from AV to OTO and I’m finally starting to feel my hyper-organized self coming back to life after living in chaos for a while. We needed to bring our funky kitchen back to life after much neglect by doing some painting, hanging some shelving, and making it functional for a foodie!

My weekly meal planning is back in full force, I’m contemplating what bread to make from scratch for the week ahead, and I’m brainstorming DIY projects I’d like to accomplish to either save us more money or just because it’s something that currently sparks my interest.

Since Sadie is sleeping off her fever and there’s no one else to share the things rattling around in my brain with (not that Sadie is particularly interested, but she’s a great listener), you, my readers, are the lucky ones!

Have to start somewhere: My most recent hardcore DIY project (outside of revamping our new house) was learning how to sew Sadie cloth wipes. It seemed since we were cloth diapering that it would be easier to use a cloth wipe also so I could just throw the whole thing into the wash without the need to separate the wipes in the trash from her laundry pail. My patient friend, Deanna showed me how and I actually caught on! However, the cloth wipes were a huge FAIL with the husband. I have to agree I just got used to the disposables. I guess I still have a ways to go in the crunchy Mama department! Oh well.

Things I’d like to get done in no real order thanks to some inspirational bloggers I frequent:

1. Make my own hand soap.

2. Make my own laundry detergent.

3. Fill up some mason jars with dried beans we buy in bulk.

4. Start a square foot garden for organic veggies.

5. Plant flowers in the front yard and NOT kill the poor things.

5. Freezer cooking day.

6. Build a coupon binder.

7. Make more homemade household cleaners.

8. Purge the disaster of stuff hiding in those lovely looking baskets staring me down from in the TV stand.

***You have some more fun ideas for me?! Let’s add ’em to the list!***


2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Do you read! One of my top 5 blogs and will surely be one for you too!! Tons of all natural stuff, simplifying life, honoring God, etc. Amazing stuff! Thanks to Lindsay, the author, I have been making and using my own deodorant for a year now and love it! Add that one to your list, too! Oxxo

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