Living in a Nightmare

Problem #1: Our neighbors stink.

They have pounded on our walls, slammed their doors, and yelled at the fact that babies (mine specifically) are not silent. They can’t stand the fact that a teething baby who just moved to a new home and is running a fever may have a hard time sleeping through the night. We tried doing a nice thing by going over with a bottle of wine and apologizing to them for having to hear her cry at night. But they wouldn’t take the wine, wouldn’t invite us in for the apology, and continue to act like children instead of lending out the least bit amount of understanding, patience, or compassion. It is not a good feeling to live in your home while walking on eggshells. I refuse to let them change the way I will parent my daughter.

Problem #2: There is a major mold problem in this house.

Slowly, all three of us have been showing identical symptoms that all coincide with a definite mold problem in this home. The bubbles on our living room ceiling should also be a clear giveaway that there is a problem. We all have runny noses whenever we’re in here, I can’t breathe and am fighting off asthma attacks multiple times a day now. TJ is the same. Sadie is sneezing and has a constant runny nose as soon as she comes home. We’re checking her oxygen levels today at the Dr.

This living situation has pretty much turned into a nightmare. We’re embarrassed about moving again (we officially hold the record number of moves on the Davis side of the family and move more often than TJ did while growing up as an Army brat), but there is no other option. I can’t live somewhere that will make us all sick, and I can’t live next to people breathing down my neck while I’m trying to take care of my family.

If you’re a Mama you can understand that the amount of guilt I am feeling for having Sadie living in this situation right now is so painful!

Since the day she was born, my goal has been to make her as healthy as I can to give her a good start to her little life. To make sure she gets enough sleep, breastfeeding, organic solids, plenty of socialization, etc. To do all of that and then have her live somewhere that will ensure her getting allergies and asthma is just killing me.

The amount of stress we are under is unreal. We need something to happen quickly.

Not to mention I am sitting by the phone today waiting to hear back from my BRCA analysis test results today….

Lord, we need a break. We need to be settled somewhere. We need some relief. We need some normalcy. We need your help.


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