BRCA Genetic Testing

I’ve been waiting for 17 days now and they’re late! The Dr. called today and informed me that they will not have the results back for another week. She apologized to me for having to wait for so long and it got me thinking…

I’ve really been waiting most of my life to find out this information. It’s not like another week will make much of a difference to me seeing as how I have wondered if I would have Breast Cancer like my mom since the day she was diagnosed when I was 12. When you grow up with someone so close to you suffering from a fatal disease, you spend a lot of time wondering if that will be you someday. I remember brushing out my mom’s hair when she lost it the first time wondering if it I would have to do the same someday. In many ways, living with cancer was all I really knew.

Someone is sitting at a desk in a lab somewhere looking into a microscope at my spit and comparing it to my Mom who is already gone. They were able to locate her exact records so they wouldn’t have to test me for all 1800 possible mutations of the gene. Crazy!

It’s odd to me that I will finally have some closure to the question that’s been rattling in my brain for a long time, but I am not killing myself over a positive or negative test result. I’m just ready to deal with whatever comes next…good or bad and am so thankful for the technology and smarts people have now to help someone like me.

Thanks for your prayers as we continue the waiting game!


2 thoughts on “BRCA Genetic Testing

  1. Thank you Jessie for filling me in. I am in Flordia getting ready to attend the JP conference. With all you have been going through I hope you will get started soon with adding JP to your nutrition. I get home on the 16th and would love to talk as soon as we can after that.

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