One Month Shy…My, Oh My!

Disclaimer: I can’t get the date to change, so for the sake of my insane need to keep things entirely accurate, this post is for Oct. 7, 2010.

Sadie is 11 months old today! This past month she has grown into a very opinionated little lady who has a mind of her own and a clear idea of what she wants out of life! You spend 5 minutes with her, and you’ll be in stitches laughing.


On the usual!


Things…er…trouble she’s into:

  • Rolling toilet paper off the roll
  • Biting through cardboard boxes
  • Insisting on the Wheels on the Bus song so she can do “beep, beep, beep”
  • Throwing food off her high chair and then signing “all done”
  • Standing up in the bath tub and flinging herself back in defeat when we say she needs to sit like a big girl on her bottom in the bath
  • Banging her head on the cupboards for self-entertainment


Soaking up the last days of summer


Sweet Sadie Sappiness:

  • She cuddles in bed with me in the morning
  • She does head bonks like they are kisses
  • She brushes my hair and laughs with pride
  • She talks so much to herself that she raises her eyebrows and giggles at herself about whatever she is saying
  • She says a cute “hi” to her big brother bear every morning after her first feeding
  • She slaps her belly on command
  • She throws her hands on her head whenever you say “Oy Vey” like a good little Jewish girl
  • She calls out for her Daddy whenever she finds one of his shoes on the floor


Story time with Papa


Words: The Speech Pathologist in me is screaming with delight that she is using so many words so early, but then the happiness is met with pure terror for the fact that this little one is going to be talking our ears off!

  • Daddy, Dada
  • Mama
  • Yea
  • Om (More)
  • Chee (tree)
  • Hi
  • No
  • Ahmbee (hungry)

*We have 6 teeth total. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.

*We’re eating all sorts of fun things now. Usually whatever Mommy & Daddy eat,  but I won’t eat meat. I love any kind of carb though!



Whatcha up to?!


Thanks for being your spunky little loving self Sadie Rae Rae!


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