Slowly Coming Along…

The house, which we have affectionately named the “Brown’s Blue Barn” for it’s bright blue exterior (apparently very in keeping with Old Town Orange) is slowly coming along and feeling more like home to us.

I’m  thinking I stink at decorating for the first time in my life because this old house screams for cute accessories and nic nacs that we either don’t have (we’re pretty minimalistic) or I just lack the funds to do what I envision.

Not to mention our huge need for a dining room table since ours split in the last move. Costco’s folding table is now our fancy schmancy place to eat meals until we can save up for what we need.

And the tiny refrigerator that needs to find a new home to make room for a bigger and better one to fill the huge gaping hole that now exists in the kitchen. But I’m not a perfectionist or anything. :0/

Patience, Jessie. Patience. Maybe pray for a miracle. Or at least a large sum of money to suddenly appear anonymously to use on the basics. Okay…just patience.

I do love making our home a happy sanctuary for our fam and am looking forward to piecing things together.

Here’s a little tour…


Notice the makeshift blackout curtains?! Work in progress.



Sadly her favorite spot in the house...thank goodness for that silly toilet lock that is also "Jessie-proof"



Our "bed" room...literally! Haha!



Checking out the trees...



Sadie has the best view in the house.


I’ll post more as I work up the guts!


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