What a Man

There are a million reasons I’m happy I married my man,  but today I would like to highlight a couple reasons in no particular order as to why he is the best ever just because it’s Tuesday (do I really need a reason!?):

1. He’s an awesome Daddy. How do I know? He just finished fishing out a lot of poop from the bath tub done by the little girl with a paper cup. ‘Nuf said.

2. He’s a fab husband. He makes me laugh. He makes me think. He keeps me on my toes. He always has my back.

3. He’s the man who provides. He doesn’t particularly like the line of work he has to be in at the moment, but he realizes he is lucky to have such a good, stable job that pays the bills and will help him eventually get into the line of work he does want to be in…full time ministry.

4. He loves the Lord. He is always learning, always growing, always questioning, and always wrestling. I appreciate the fact that God is the center of our marriage and the center of our home and that he is leading us.

5. He stretches himself. He is an introverted, introspective observer who is great with people one-on-one. He is always stretching himself to grow and improve himself without compromising who he is. I love that as his loud, extroverted, people-person wife.

I love you babe!


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