Photo Heaven & Photo Haven!

Shutterfly is my friend. Thanks to this magnificent photo website, I have been able to keep a weekly and monthly record of Sadie’s growth throughout the first year of her life for my own selfish reasons of wanting to recount every passing moment of her little life, as well as share with friends and family who aren’t in California.

Not only can I organize all our photos easily so they are always backed-up and never lost, but I can also order great quality prints super inexpensively and make photo books, canvas prints, etc. all through the website too.

For the holidays, we’ll finally be sending out our first Brown family picture to all the special people in our lives! It’s hard to decide between the story cards, which are a really different and fun way to update everyone you love or the classic flat picture holiday card. They have some great religious themes ones to choose from too. Basically, you could really go nuts like me trying to make a decision!

Moral of the story…you should go check Shutterfly out!

Bloggers get free holiday cards from Shutterfly, find out how…


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