Behind the Bash

We had Sadie’s 1st birthday party in our backyard with family and close friends on Sunday and had such a fun time together celebrating her first year! While I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the hustle bustle of the crowd giving her lots of attention, I think she had a picture perfect kind of a birthday.

I had fun decorating too!

Here’s some pics from the fun:

Papa & crazy Unci Matty

Cousin Karis & Sadie...just months apart the girls stick together!

Cousin Noah teaching Sadie cool stuff

I think the highlight of the party was Sadie eating her giant cupcake. She took to it right away by licking the frosting and hugging it tight in the process. Every now and then she would put it down to clap until everyone said, “Yay” and then she’d go back in for more. It’s was really a funny, wonderful memory:

First taste of sugar

Hmmm. I think I like it...

Yep. Definitely clap-worthy!

Hugging while eating is the only true way to show affection.

Mom, Dad...I'm a little busy here!

The baby (er, toddler) and this Mama made it through the party without shedding a single tear. Complete success, I’d say!




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