DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

This year’s Thanksgiving will be our first progressive Thanksgiving meal starting at my brother and sis-in-law’s place down the street  for the main course, and ending at our place for desert. Not just any run-of-the-mill pumpkin pie desert though. We’re talking fire pit and pumpkin butter s’mores desert!

Since the fam is coming over, we needed to get some more lighting and ambiance in our new backyard. That’s when my super clever (and handsome) husband remembered how much I’ve been loving Mason Jars and discovered a little DIY project to get some lighting in our backyard for dirt cheap.

Ladies and gentleman, I present you with the Mason Jar lantern:

All you need is enough Mason Jars to fill the space you need (we started with a dozen)…

Get your hands on some bailing wire and wire cutters…

And a pencil to make a fancy little hole to thread the bailing wire thru…

Now go steal some sand from some little people at the park if you’re cheap (I mean frugal) like we are…

Place a small candle in your jar…

And then utilize the man and the drill to hang brackets along the fence…

And VOILA! You’ve got yourself some romantical outdoor lighting!


2 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

  1. Love it Jessie! We hung these from a tree at our wedding reception for some ambient lighting over our “dance floor”. I love mason jars too! So glad y’all are able to spend so much wonderful time with your family! We miss y’all!

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