Green Smoothie Challenge

Just for the sake of keeping things interesting in the Brown house, I’m doing a Green Smoothie challenge this week! TJ is mortified and reserves his right to think it’s totally disgusting and refuse the drink even though it’s completely NOT! I think he’s just afraid his wife is going to make the entire family go totally raw and vegan within one week. I just look at this as an economical chance for us to eat super healthy (we eat healthy now, but there’s always room for trying beets in a blender!) and try something new and see what happens from it.

Since Sadie somehow thinks all things green are disgusting (how do kids know?!), I was trying to think of sneaky ways to give her something other than blueberries (her fav food of all time).

What’s a Green Smoothie?

A green smoothie is a drink with some sort of green in it with yummy fruit, flax, hemp, agave, nuts, etc. added in to get an ultimate nutritional drink that rivals any day on the Standard American Diet. They are  nutritionally dense and are packed with healthy minerals and  vitamins so you can get many servings of your daily fruit and vegetable intake with little effort in one glass.

The key to these smoothies is to vary your green because too much of one kind will cause an overabundance of alkaloids in the body, which can become toxic in large amounts.

Sounds Disgusting (…says TJ)

Sadie had her first on this past Friday with Spinach, Mixed Berries, Banana and water. I first  gave her a bowl with a tiny bit in it expecting she would refuse. She ate it and asked for “mo” (more). So I filled the bowl and walked into the kitchen to fix some for me. I came back and found both my little monster’s hands lifting the bowl to her face giggling as she chugged away. Then she asked for my glass. She drank what  was left of mine! Note to self: drink fast so you actually get some!

Let’s just say I was so thrilled she loved a vegetable that I braved the Farmers Market in the rain first thing Saturday morning and loaded up my bag with Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Parsley, etc. so we can keep this thing going!

So for the next week, I’ll be adding to this post with the new smoothie recipes I try each day with me and Sadie and let you know what we think and how we feel.

If you’re interested in where I’m researching and getting ideas, go to the Raw Family or Green Smoothie Girl.

Check back soon for updates!

*Update: So that very night I came down with some horrible food poisoning from eating out. I was still sick the day before Thanksgiving, so needless to say, Green Smoothies never got the attention they deserved this past week. When my appetite returns again, we’ll have to do another round!


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