The Daily Grind

I love my daughter like crazy, but I have to say that this phase of babyhood and entering toddler-hood is not my favorite.

Sadie has a very strong personality. She has wants and opinions, but doesn’t have the words to convey any of them, so there’s a lot of frustrating guess work.

She also is striving for a lot of independence as she explores her little world, but most of that independence is dangerous for her as she gravitates towards things she shouldn’t be.

  • Our week has been full of screaming and crying.
  • No morning naps.
  • Fighting afternoon naps.
  • Finding the one and only electrical socket behind her crib and playing with it.
  • Throwing food on the floor from her highchair, which ends her meals abruptly and is followed by a tantrum.
  • Teething.
  • Standing up in the bathtub again.
  • Refusing food she couldn’t get enough of yesterday.
  • Pulling books off the bookshelf when she knows it’s wrong because she says, “No, no” as she is doing it.
  • Screaming the entire car ride in the car seat because she threw her pabbi or toy on purpose and now wants it back despite the fact that I’m driving.
  • Spitting out pain meds when it used to be such a non-issue.
  • Not wanting to have any independent play and relying on me to entertain her the entire time.
  • Wanting to be held. Then screaming because I’m holding her. Then wanting to be held again. Then pulling my hair because I picked her up.
  • Refusing to lay on her back on the changing table and trying to change a poopy diaper while she screams her way to her tummy.
  • Waking up earlier and earlier for no reason.

I know all this negative behavior is her age, her stage in life, and her figuring out what the boundaries are when it comes to Mommy & Daddy disciplining her.

I know she’s a good girl who is just in a funk for what could be a myriad of reasons. None of which I have been able to figure out.

But I’m exhausted. I’m craving down time.

I’m wishing I had my Mom to call for advice on what she did with me at this age like everyone else, but I don’t. I don’t get that relief. There’s nobody I get to call to come rescue me.

I’m out of ideas on how to get myself through the day without pulling my hair out and sitting on the floor in the middle of my living room crying in defeat for another morning gone south (not that I’m doing that right now…ok, so maybe I am).

I guess it’s easier to take these sort of days when they are few and far between. But when it’s an every day occurrence for over a week now, you start to wonder if it’s you just being a bad Mom.

Somebody please tell me when this phase is over…


2 thoughts on “The Daily Grind

  1. Jessie,,, You are an INCREDIBLE mother,,, everything that you do ( from looking in from the outside ), & that I have ever seen while I was there for Sadies Bday weekend, & anyother time ,,, that we have been there to visit you all, you make being a mother look VERY,, VERY easy, you always know what to do & know what sadie is wanting & needing ,,, The steps that sadie is taking to turn into a toddler ,,from baby hood,, is never easy to handle,,,,It is a constant struggle,,, but I do know that YOU & TJ,,, will get thru all of this & more as she gets older,,, & I do know that YOU WILL be ABLE TO handle all of her growth spurts,, just like you have done, from a newborn to the toddler that she is turning into. You are an INCREDIBLE mother Jessie,,, you make it all look soooooo easy,,,,, you are a wonderful mother jessie,, & WE are sooooo very proud of you & TJ & the Great parents that you both have become!!! You need to pat yourselves on your back ,,, because you’ve got this all down,,,,, You can look at how happy & smart & what a BEAUTIFUL sweet child that sadie is , & know that it is all because of all the love & care that she gets from her WONDERFUL Mommy & daddy!!!!!

  2. Jessie, first off, you can call me anytime. Do you still have my number?
    Secondly, your in-laws think the world of you, and that means A LOT!!
    Third, the transition to being a happy 18-month-old can be rough, but now that I have four grandkids six and under (soon to be 6!), and having gone with all stages with four kids, I’d have to say that my 18-month old Ashley is at the best stage ever. She has gotten over her whininess and is a delight. Denise & Jeff have stuck relatively closely to Babywise and How to Shepherd Your Child’s Heart, and number three is the best! Of course EVERY stage is great, but Shelby is 6 going on 16.
    Suzie is a true delight as well, but she has issues relating to her premature birth, hydrocephalus and brain stent. Steph has been so patient with her – for the first year I was afraid of Suzie because she cried when I tried to hold her. I think it’s more difficult with a first child to begin with, so hang in there. Things get SO MUCH better! The first person I’d turn to for advice is Denise and I’d be glad to give you her number.

    The e-mail you sent me with your e-mail address, telephone # and info on your Dad has been lost in the blogosphere. Can you send me a private e-mail once again and I’ll put the info in my smart phone.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. You are an excellent, articulate writer! You should do something professional with that.

    Did you ever get a chance to watch the Ann Jillian story?

    Love you,

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