Hot & Cold, Good & Bad

God definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to my life with the little monster, Sadie.

As you know from my previous post, last week was challenging to say the very least. I was dragging and hanging to an itty bitty string…dangling…waiting to be rescued from my life with a little toddler girl who could not be more unhappy with her own life.  We were both pretty miserable.

As bad as last week was, this week seems to be the complete opposite.

Maybe it’s because all four molars have now reared their ugly heads. Welcome to her mouth, molars. Did you really need to take 2 months to show up?!!…YOU’RE LATE!!!

I’m not bitter or anything.

We went from:

  • No naps last week to a 3 hour nap this afternoon.
  • Screaming and crying all day to laughing and  generously giving out hugs.
  • Hating diaper changes to making them the opportune time to slap her bare belly to get a good laugh out of me or pointing at all the features on my face to practice her new words while I clean her up.
  • Throwing food on the floor to eating 2 servings of lasagna, blueberries, and little piles of parmesan (a new fav) without a single drop on the floor and no whining in between.
  • Waking up insanely early every morning to sleeping until 7:15 this morning and waking up giggling to herself while talking to her ducky and pabbi.

Now I know this heavenly state is nothing permanent, but boy did I need it! It restores my faith in the fact that as bad as days may get, there will always be times that are blissful, joyous, and totally worth the pain and heartache.

Mama Lesson #5,476- There will always be good days, and there will always be bad days. Endure the bad, and the good will be that much sweeter.

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