God loves you, and I (Mommy) have the perfect plan for your life.

Our topic in my Mom’s group this morning was on addressing fear and vulnerability in our careers as parents when it comes to dealing with our kids. Whether you just found out you’re going to be a parent, or you are sending your kid off to college, each phase of parenting comes with its own set of new challenges and fears of the unknown.

Before Sadie entered the picture, I never really gave much thought to fears I had stopping me in my tracks when it came to things I would like to accomplish. But after having Sadie in our world, I fear everything. Whether it be a fear as little as wondering if she’s eating enough to sustain her little life, or a bigger fear like losing her to a deadly disease in the future, your number one concern as a parent is to protect your child.

Although protecting your kids from the evils of the world is always a good thing, raising a hedge around your kids that shields them so much so that they lose out on opportunities or are not given the chance to endure pain that can teach them valuable life skills does them a huge disservice.

Finding the balance is the hard part. More importantly, trusting God to protect them when all you want is full control is even more difficult.

What if she gets sick?

What if she hangs out with the wrong crowd?

What if she’s not eating enough?

What if I’m not spending enough quality time with her?

What if she runs away?

What if I’m not around?

God provides us with these little lives and promises us that He is the one in control (Heb. 13:5-6; Deut. 31:6; Isa. 41:10).

Face the fears head on when they arise knowing that nothing unforeseen is ever done without His knowledge.


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