The Artist



We had a little project to work on for Nana & Poppi for Christmas…

But painting has so many limitations if it’s only on paper. So we set out for more opportunities to add color…

Like on our face. But there’s so much more! Much, much more Mommy!

We  left Mommy in the dust! (I think she just wanted to sport her little Harley hiney in honor of her Poppi whom she is painting for!)

She can paint rocks and eat rocks. What talent!

Trashcans are great empty canvases too!

There are just so many color options. The limit to creativity is endless!

Okay, okay! I’m workin’ here!




One thought on “The Artist

  1. I see that our grandaughter is quite the painter also, & not only is she smart, but sooooo beautiful,, & now soooo Very, Very talented, & might I say she has the cutested little Harley Hiney, that I have EVER seen!!!!!
    Give that precious baby girl a BIG hhhug & Kiss from her Nana & Poppi
    We miss her Soooooooooo Very Much!!!!

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