Woman Day

I am a woman.

That means by definition that every once in a while I have a horrible day where nothing seems to go right from the time I wake up in the morning and my usual “press on” mode gets turned off and is replaced by the worry-wart, ball of stress, just want to crawl under a rock mode.

Dave Ramsey is so right on. As soon as you get real serious about your money and what you do with it, Murphy (Murphy’s Law) will come move into your house and try to get you off course and discouraged.

Well, Murphy has moved in and I think has a permanent room in our home.

We have some real needs that have been put on hold for a long time now because we’ve been going gun-ho on paying off our debt. Most days, I’m proud of us for living without so many things that cause our lives to be “imperfect” according to the rest of society.

But today, I’m just discouraged and frustrated with it. It feels like we’re working as hard as we possibly can, but it all is going unnoticed and feels like we’re back-peddling instead of making progress.

Sometimes I just want to spoil myself and can’t. And of course, on the day I’m feeling like this, I also have a kiddo who is going stir-crazy from several days of consecutive rain while having the flu, 3 days without Daddy home, and a tooth coming in. Oh, hum.

I stress it all out all at once. So the best thing for me to do to get over it and move on is to write it all down. Here’s my top 5 in no special order. They all hold a special place of their own:

1. We need a dining room table to replace ours that broke in the move. Not a Costco folding table. It’s been almost 6 months. Any college bachelor would be in heaven.

2. We need 4 new tires on TJ’s car. I’m praying hard as he drives in this rain with absolutely no tread.

3. My crockpot that I use a couple times a week is dying. Poor thing.

4. We haven’t bought new clothes (with exception of maternity clothes) in 2 years. Let’s not even begin to talk about the lack of make-up. Seriously. I would love to go out and buy TJ a bunch of stuff and wrap it up in a big bow and see his face. We don’t get to do that for each other enough. Okay…at all.

5. Despite working out hard and writing down everything I ate for the past week, I’ve gained 4 pounds.That actually has no financial strings attached, but it bothers me just the same today.

And I’m the author, so I can put whatever I feel like on my list!

6. My laptop died last week out of nowhere so I’ve lost everything I didn’t back up and won’t be able to replace the laptop any time soon.

****Okay, I know I said I’d list the top five, but I think #6 deserves it’s own spot on the poo poo list.

I’m praying God provides as He somehow always does for our real needs. I’m praying Mr. Murphy leaves. I’m praying we can all stop stressing out so much. Or at least for a big fat anonymous check in the mail. That would solve it, really.

Sorry for being such a downer, but it’s the honest truth! Sometimes things just look bleak. I’m sure I’ll return to my optimistic, perky self soon. Hang in there with me people!

Ahhhh…venting feels so good. Told you I’m a woman!


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