Snow Day Trip

We decided to take Nana & Papa along and head up to the mountains to let Sadie play in the snow for the first time as a fun way to spend the last day of 2010.

We loaded up the car and left our 60 degree weather down the hill for 24 degree weather up the hill in Lake Arrowhead. It was such a gorgeous day!

Memorable Highlights:

  • As soon as we stopped in Blue Jay for a potty break, I realized the diaper bag with snacks, diapers & wipes were still at home. I would have facebooked about my disappointment, but alas, my cell phone was in the bag too. $40 later, we had over-perfumed disposable diapers, generic wipes, non-organic whole milk, expensive sippy cups, goldfish, and a banana to get through the day with a baby.
  • My Dad thought taking a shortcut through a back road would be a good idea…until our car slid on the ice going downhill and we ended up sideways headed toward a nice snow embankment or a lush ravine. I put my seat belt on. His words after were, “It’s a good thing I’m such an experienced driver.”
  • Sadie thought her gloves, which looked more like pot holders were the coolest things ever!
  • TJ bought $10 gloves because his hands were freezing. He left them in the car. That made for a good, hearty ten minute laughing fest that TJ wanted no part of. My Dad obviously thought it was hilarious…

It was such a relaxing, fun, and memorable day trip for our girl! We’re looking forward to making more memories in 2011!

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