Monday Mall Madness

Since we have had so much rain in Orange County lately, it hasn’t been difficult for my outdoorsy girl to become ridden with some major cabin fever.

Solution? The Mall.

What better place to take a newly walking baby who is itching to explore every faucet of her world?! There’s just so much to do! Look out Disneyland…you have some major competition.

So what does a trip to the mall look like for a 14 month old?

  • We rode the elevator up and down and up and down again. Until we started getting funny looks by the cop.
  • We waved hello and had in depth conversations with all of the window manikins from Prada, Georgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci.
  • We followed an old man doing his morning mall walk for a good 10 minutes.
  • We put our hands in a fountain until we got reprimanded by a mall security guard.
  • We strolled through GAP wishing we could buy that cute sweater. Okay, maybe that was just Mommy.
  • We rode a horsey on the carousel while waving to all the spectators.
  • We played peek-a-boo with an employee in a jewelery store.
  • We sat in the middle of the floor to take a sippy break.
  • We cried crocadile tears and screamed all the way to the car because the fun was over…

Until the next time it rains.

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