She wakes up talking as if she was never asleep. She’s 14 months old and sleeps as hard as she plays most of the time, but when she wakes up, she immediately sits up and starts talking! No rubbing of the eyes, no laying in bed on her back staring at the ceiling.

She growls like a puppy when she gets frustrated or mad about something. That something is mostly from not being able to pick up a book by herself and carry it in one trip across the living room.

She laughs at her own jokes. Really. Cracks up.

She humms and sings to herself constantly. Especially in a high falsetto voice.

She likes it when you play with her lips. As soon as you do, she will stick her tongue out so you can scratch it. Absolutely loves it.

We have two, big open bookshelves in our living room that are filled 90% with TJ’s book fetish, and 10% with what I have claimed. She always walks over and tries to get TJ’s Henry Kissinger book called Diplomacy down from the shelf. Out of all her options, Diplomacy is a must.

She loves playing with a big bouncy ball, but refuses to try and grab it when the ball is thrown at her. Instead she pulls her arms to her sides, bears down, and squints with a smile as it hits her every time. She likes to get beat up.

She enjoys digging out feminine hygiene products from the bathroom cabinet and strategically placing them all over the house. ‘Nuff said. Poor Daddy.

I love her.


One thought on “Quirky

  1. Sadie is just BEAUTIFUL…… & is the happiest baby or toddler I should say, I usually average maybe 4 trips thru the year to see her, & each trip was full of surprises , she not only grew physically but man her mannerisms, her speech, & personality is just incredible . She makes my heart sooooo very happy,,,,, I LOVE BEING HER NANA,,,, I can”t wait to see her soon, Your Pappi & I love you sooooo very much,

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