Our Menu Plan

So now that you know the reasons behind menu planning and how I actually do it every week, I thought I’d list what our menu is!

Tip: We were given a 20 pound Thanksgiving turkey by my brother in November and decided to cook her (yes, her name is Betsy and she got a lovely tan) on Saturday and eat off her all week by morphing our meals. So we’re having waaayyyy more protein this week than normal, but could obviously afford to do so this week. Whatever leftovers we don’t use will be frozen so we can still reap the benefits in future meals.

Saturday- Roasted Turkey & Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”, Green Beans & Salad (Family Night)

Sunday- Baked Turkey Taquitos

Monday-Honey Seared Salmon Salad

TuesdayQuinoa Risotto

Wednesday-Veggie Lasagna

Thursday- Salsa Verde Turkey Enchiladas

Friday- Date Night


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