Organic Grocery Shopping 101: Setting Your Goals

Now that you know how to menu plan, I’m going to go through the basics of how we grocery shop to help give you ideas to save money over the next few weeks! If you just want an overall view, check out my post on your arsenal for grocery shopping.

Coupons get a bad wrap if you are health conscious. They just do. People think that coupons are for nothing but processed, fat-laden, guilty-pleasure foods. I agree that there is a long way to go in this area. For those of us trying to eat healthy, mainly plant based whole foods, coupons may feel like a waste of time. But, I assure you they really aren’t!

Before the rolling of the eyes sets in hear me out!

Our family eats almost totally organic. By necessity, we are almost vegetarian in order to save and put that money elsewhere in our budget for things we think are more important at the moment. So where does couponing fit in with our lifestyle?

I’m picky

  • I deliberately made the choice when I started this whole coupon thing that I wouldn’t put products into my home that lack in benefiting my family and our health.
  • I don’t print or cut coupons we won’t use. Even if I know I could get that particular product for free, if it’s not helpful to our well- being, the deal isn’t good enough for me.
  • I don’t mind that I’m not one of those people who will ever save $236 on a shopping trip because of my choice to buy unprocessed things. I’m okay with saving $40 if it means my pantry is full of things that are good for us.

and I’m industrious

  • I ask for coupons from the organic companies I use and like. Just because they aren’t listed in the Sunday circulars doesn’t mean they won’t offer coupons!
  • I don’t limit my shopping to one store because often times there are great sales on the organic products we use at different stores throughout the week.
  • I collect coupons for paper goods, toiletries, etc. so I can save major money on these higher priced, budget-guzzling items so I can afford to spend a little more on organic products.

Summary: Before you dive into couponing, look at your goals in feeding your family. Don’t give up what’s important to you for the sake of saving a buck. Then hang on tight to the ideals you have and come along for the ride!

*Coming soon…How to get coupons & organize them


3 thoughts on “Organic Grocery Shopping 101: Setting Your Goals

  1. I resonate with alot of your thoughts, thanks for posting. Good to know about contacting companies and asking for coupons. I’m a total coupon-lover and not sure why I don’t do this! Do you call them? Send an email? Give me an example. oxox

    • I just shoot the company an email. I get a fast response and they usually answer back with a coupon to print out or offer to send some to my home. For example, last week I contacted Kashi and they emailed me printable coupons. Eden Organic is mailing me some. Easy stuff just for saying you enjoy their products, but could use some coupons to help you afford them!

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