Grab Those Coupons!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to get coupons so here’s a compiled list of websites I use to print coupons:

Tip: Only print the coupons you know your family will use and print using the gray scale on your printer to conserve your ink.

  2. Red Plum
  3. Smart Source
  4. Mambo Sprouts
  5. Whole Foods Printables
  6. Target Printables
  7. Earth Fare Coupons

We also have a subscription for the Sunday edition of the LA Times.

How to get coupons for free:

  1. You can always run into a Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon and take coupons from papers people have left on the tables from the morning (not that I know from experience)!
  2. Ask family, friends, or neighbors for coupons they aren’t using.
  3. Check your store ads that come in the mail weekly for store specific coupons.
  4. Download coupons onto your local store rewards card to use on your next shopping trip.

Next- How to organize your coupons.


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