February Salad-A-Day Challenge

I can hear the excuses now:

  • I always mean to eat salad, but it sits, withers, and gets sad until it stinks up the fridge only to be tossed in the trash for the third week in a row!
  • I’m completely uninspired by the bag of salad sitting there knowing I have to put forth effort to make it something special I would enjoy eating it.
  • Honestly, I avoid salad like the plague because I feel like a rabbit when you chew on that piece of romaine.
  • I want to get a couple more veggies worked into my day, but it just never happens.

If any of the lovely excuses above apply to you (ummm…sheepishly raising my hand), you may want to join me on my little challenge for the month of February as I eat a salad-a-day!

As a mom with a busy little kiddo running around, it’s become increasingly hard for me to sit down and have a real meal. I’ve noticed I’ve started to snack all day. Breakfast slips by with nothing and is followed by a granola bar or a string cheese for lunch (or eating pieces of Sadie’s food in an effort to convince her that what I’ve offered is yummy in her belly). By dinner, I’m exhausted, famished, and discouraged from not eating anything worthwhile all day.

So buddy up with me! Get out that huge plate or gigantic bowl and load it up with some good kinds of lettuce, fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese, or beans and homemade dressing!

I’m looking forward to packing in some good ‘ol veggies into my diet more intentionally this month and showing you the pictures of my creations. I’m also looking forward to reporting the positive changes I feel as a result of committing to a healthier meal at least once a day.

You say you’d like to take the challenge but don’t know of any good recipes for homemade salad dressing? Keep your eyes peeled for some good recipes in some upcoming posts!


2 thoughts on “February Salad-A-Day Challenge

  1. Yes! I’ve stopped making salads as much because eating vegetarian means, well, most of our meals are somewhat vegetable based, plus the kids don’t really go for it. But I love salad and recently watched foodmatters which reminded me of the importance of raw fruits and veggies in our diet. I’ll try to post some of our favorite salads on my blog, too.

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