Fun with Our Smarty Pants

Unlike many other parts of the country right now, this week has been gorgeous here in Orange County. A cold 67 degrees (brrrrr), but gorgeous! I know all my friends back in Dallas are rolling their eyes at me right now as they sit inside for the fourth day in a row. Sorry friends!

Since it’s been so nice, Sadie and I have been enjoying some quality time together outside.

In the beginning of the week, we went to our old hometown of Dana Point. Sadie loved playing in the sand with her bucket and shovel and touching the water. That is, until we found out that it’s apparently the most polluted water in California’s coastline. Guess we won’t be going there anymore. At least it’s pretty to look at. Since we found out to stay away from the water, we took a stroll around the harbor looking at the boats, interrupting a Stroller Strides workout by running in the middle of the Moms on three separate occasions, and picking up every acorn we could to clean them up of the sidewalk. We also said hello to every puppy that passed us by.

The middle of the week brought a surprise. We knew Sadie was smart (what parent doesn’t think they’re kiddo is), but now we officially call her “Smarty Pants” because she earned it on this one.

We always wrestle with her by throwing her on the couch after counting to three. We have heard her say, “Feeee” many times.

But while she was eating lunch in her highchair on Wednesday, she pulled something quite impressive. (Hang in there with me while I have a good ‘ol bragging, proud Mama moment). I had put a small pile of fish crackers on her tray to eat and then went into the kitchen to fix her sippy. I hear her saying, “Wa, Soo, Feeeee!” I look in the dining room and she’s taking goldfish one by one and counting, placing each one into the drink holder portion of her tray counting to three! After each time, she’d clap, pull the fish out, and start again. Holy moly Miss almost 15 month old!

Here’s proof for the pudding. Notice the three goldfish on the cup area?! It’s grainy because it’s from my cell phone,  but they’re there:

When I told TJ what she did that night during dinner, he didn’t believe me for a second. So I pulled out fish, placed them on her tray and waited to see what she would do. To TJ’s surprise, our girl was spontaneously counting and making me look good….at the same time!

Thursday, we went and hiked the Newport Back Bay. I’ve driven by it my entire life and have never hiked it. It was gorgeous. Kind of like my beloved Peter’s Canyon, but bigger and with the fresh smell of ocean water. The planes take off just a mile away from John Wayne and fly directly over, so Sadie loved watching the “didis” (birdies) fly off over the water. They also have a museum that’s supposed to be great for toddlers, but they weren’t open yet, so it will have to wait until the next time we go back, because we WILL do it again.

Absolutely peaceful and beautiful.


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