You know how people ask you what you want to ask God when you first get to heaven?

I used to think it was be some strong theological question about predestination or sanctification, but since having a baby, I’ve dumbed it down to one question I will never understand on this side of things.

“Why on earth do you have babies (and their exhausted parents) endure the pain of teething if they are just going to lose them all again for growing adult teeth later on?!”

Someone please explain this to me!

When Sadie was 13 months old, she got all four molars at the same time. It was horrendously painful. Sometimes I think it was more so for me than it was for her. But I’m sure it was the other way around. Once she got those molars in, I thought everything following it would be easy-peasy.

What could be worse than four molars at once?!

Silly me.

Today proved me wrong.

She woke up at 6:35 am. By 6:50 am we had our first tantrum on the diaper changing table. It is her favorite spot to be, ya know?! By 7:30 am she was drooling, putting her hands in her mouth and whining over every little thing. By 8:00 am, she had run into the corner screaming behind the lamp and was literally banging her head against the wall. After getting a mighty big goose egg on her forehead and not helping the pain she was already experiencing, she wanted to be held.

So I held her.

But then she decided she hated me holding her and she slapped me in the face (nice, cuddly, snuggly “I love you Mommy” moment). The slap was followed by a little explanation that her hands aren’t for hitting and that it makes me sad when she does that (committed to consistency). She didn’t particularly enjoy being reprimanded at that moment, so she ran away and hit her head some more on the kitchen cabinets followed by a couple moments of flailing her little body on the kitchen floor. Who says girls are dramatic?!

I tried going outside to distract her.



Mesh feeders. Frozen washcloths.

I cried inside at the fact that Hylands Teething Tabs are still in recall. Why?!!!

Sometimes nothing helps.

Sometimes babies just have really bad days.

She doesn’t even normally misbehave anywhere close to this extent (although all kids have their moments).

This tooth is just throwing her for a loop and has left me drained at the end of this emotional day that went on like I described above for hours.

I had to keep telling myself that I was doing everything I could for her. That even though I couldn’t do enough to take her pain away, I was still a good Mom. Even though I had to discipline her for doing wrong multiple times today, I was still doing the right thing…pain or no pain. And even though all I wanted to do was throw in the towel, crawl in a hole, and wait for the storm to pass, I endured one tough day of Mommyhood where I earned the right to thoroughly enjoy my glass of wine right now.

I’m praying tomorrow I’ve got my happy, spunky girl back again. This Mama needs it.


2 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Hey Jess
    You are doing everything that you can for her,, Teething is just something that gets better in time,,,, have the good days with the bad,, You are an INCREDIBLE mommy jessie,,,,,, Just hang in there,,,,,, she will get thru it,

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