Menu Plan-FREE FOOD!

If you’ve been on Facebook this past week, you must have seen the special Chipotle was doing, right?! If you watched a 90 second promo video, you could print out a coupon to get a free burrito when you bought one. This means the Brown family gets to eat out for super cheap!

Last Sunday’s paper also had a bag that you could take into Bruegger’s Bagels and have them fill the bag with 3 free bagels of your choice for their Anniversary. Can you say free breakfast for this family of three on a lovely Saturday morning?! I’m loving all the opportunities to score some free food lately!

You’ll notice that we’ll be eating some more meat than we normally do for a while. This is partly because I’m pregnant and need tons of protein to make a happy, smart baby. But I’m also craving meat like crazy. I won’t tell you about the entire bag of turkey jerky I ate in one sitting though. Oy vey. So far, our grocery budget has stayed the same (or has been less…$47 last week) every week, but we’ll see if we’ll have to do some temporary adjusting due to more meat consumption or those darn cravings at 10:00 pm. So far, so good.

Tip: If you’re watching your budget and still want to incorporate meat into your meals, use it as a condiment rather than the main course on your plate. For example, this week I’ll be splitting 1 pound of turkey between my Turkey Chili and my Baked Turkey Taquitos to get the most bang for my buck. To add bulk to the dishes, I’ll simply use more beans since they are cheaper than the meat, but I won’t lose out on the amount of food to feed the family.

Here’s our menu for the week:

  1. Turkey Chili
  2. Baked Potatoes w/ leftover Chili & Nutritional Yeast
  3. Honey Seared Salmon Salad (recipe coming soon)
  4. Vegan Pesto & Broccoli
  5. Baked Turkey Taquitos & Sweet Corn
  6. Date Night

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