Nana & Poppi

Sadie’s Nana & Poppi came out for a visit from Texas and we had so much fun! Even though Sadie was on the tail end of an ear infection and I was dealing with a massive sinus infection while trying to hide my nausea from being newly pregnant half the weekend, we had a whirlwind of a vacation time.


We announced the pregnancy at Bucca di Beppo’s with both sides of Grandparents. It took them FOREVER to figure out Sadie’s “Big Sister” shirt and why she was wearing it….

We checked out the Long Beach Aquarium. Sadie loved touching starfish and sea anemones and sitting at the base of the giant tanks to look at the “fidies” (fish).

I don’t know if anyone really appreciated the sharks you can touch quite as much as I did. I’m admittedly a little obsessed.

We enjoyed a nice stroll along Laguna’s Montage Resort until I fell walking downhill and injured myself. I said my cuts on my knee and foot hurt more than child labor and got laughed at.

Thanks for such a great, memorable weekend Nana & Poppi! We miss you!


2 thoughts on “Nana & Poppi

  1. JESSE! MAZEL TOV! I didn’t know til know that you’re expecting 🙂 What a wonderful surprise!! I’ve been outta the internet loop for a few weeks, but am so excited to read about your good news… hope you’re feeling ok and getting LOTS OF NAPS. Congrats! xoxo

  2. Tj, Jess & our Precious Sadie Rae,,
    We can”t thank you All enough for having us, We had a WONDERFUL time, The time that we got to spend with Our Kids & our precious granddaughter , ( whom is just an amazing & Beautiful little girl ,we love you sooooo very much,, Sadie Rae , You have stolen our hearts!!!) TJ & Jess, We will say it again , You both are Wonderful parents!!! it makes our hearts very happy to see this , We too love you both very , very much & We can”t wait till our next visit. And for our new grandchild, that is on its way,,, We can”t wait to meet you, We already love you with all our hearts !!!! “Congrats TJ, & Jess on your soon to be new addition to your family.!! We love you ALL very, very much!!!! Love Nana & Poppi

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