Cloth Diaper Review-Cutey Baby

I absolutely love cloth diapering for numerous reasons:

1. It saves over $1200 a year in disposables. Expecting another kiddo in diapers will double the savings. Being the frugal kind of Mama I am, this makes me a happy person.

2. They don’t give my girl diaper rashes. No matter the brand of disposable or how much cream, within 1 day of use, she has a killer diaper rash. Put a cloth diaper on her bum, she has no problem whatsoever.

3. They just look so darn cute with a fluffy little cloth bum walking around. Cute colors. Nice patterns. There are so many ways to make that cloth diaper reflect a little piece of your kiddo’s personality!

4. Okay, okay. I like the idea that I’m not filling a land fill with poopies. I guess I’m “green.” Guilty.

I was chosen by the cloth diapering company Cutey Baby, to do a review on their new “That’s a Wrap” diapering system that they are selling in Jewel/Albertson’s stores across the nation as of this month.

Normally, we use BumGenius One Size pocket diapers exclusively. I’ve tried Fuzzibunz thanks to a free deal and BumGenius All-in-One in the past as well. But I love my BumGenius One Size diapers with a deep devotion!

After using the Cutey Baby’s “That’s a Wrap” system today, I have some honest pros and cons for those of you navigating the cloth diapering options:


  • Adorable patterns for boys and girls.
  • Soft fabrics.
  • Quality materials that look like they will last well for the long-term. The soaker is especially thick, made from layers of microfiber and soft fleece.
  • Inexpensive option at $13.99 per diaper.
  • Readily available since it is sold in conveniently located grocery stores around the country.


  • Low rise. Sadie was in a size Medium, which fits between 10-30 pound babies. The diaper sat well below Sadie’s belly button, and once she did a poopy, the diaper drooped far too low to be functional or comfortable. This can be worrisome since I have a baby on the shorter side with an especially short torso.
  • Tight elastic in the legs. I was worried that the elastic on the leg portion of the diaper would be too constricting when I compared the length of the Cutey Baby diaper to my normal BumGenius diapers and I was right. By the end of 2 hours in the diaper, Sadie had some deep red marks on her legs from the elastic.
  • Clean up. Cutey Baby prides itself in having easy clean up saying you don’t have to touch the soaker with your hands after a poop. You can just dump and put it in the wet bag and the soaker will detach itself during your washing cycle. But after Sadie had a poopy, I found that I had to use my hands to take the soaker out because it had bunched up during wear and poop had slipped into the shell. This made for a messy clean up with the diaper sprayer since there were multiple components to the diaper I had to clean before being able to place it in the wet bag ready for laundering. You do have the option of having an easier clean up if you purchase their biodegradable, flushable liners that you place on top of the soakers before fitting on the diaper. I just don’t see how doing this makes cloth diapering worthwhile if you are doing it to be cost-effective since you would have to purchase a 6-pack for $29.99 in addition to the diapers and the soakers periodically.

Conclusion: Although the diapers are extremely affordable compared to many of its competitors, and rivals many in the cuteness factor, I have to say that I’m still a fan of my BumGenius because of the fit, functionality, and ease of use. I think if Cutey Baby listens well to its consumers as they’re business progresses, they will do well in the market since they have such a great niche of being readily available to the mass public in such convenient locations throughout the country.


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