The Chase

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalms 63:1

I try to make a point every day to stop whatever it is that we’re doing to run outside and meet TJ when he gets home from a long day at work. From the time Sadie was a little baby, I’ve tried to instill in her that it’s a big deal when Daddy comes home because to me he deserves the love,  respect, and admiration for being away from us so long during the day, working hard to provide the wonderful life that we have.

When Sadie wakes up from her afternoon nap, she knows Daddy will be home after not too long. She says his name when she talks to her stuffed animals, and she calls him on her phone just to talk. She stands by the front door just waiting for me to open it so she can go get him.

Today, I took note of something she does every day now. Sadie will run outside yelling his name, doing her “happy feet” dance, showing off her belly by lifting up her shirt (so modest), and wave hi until he comes around the car to scoop her up in his arms. She seeks out his attention and relishes in it.

As soon as TJ gets close enough to her, she quickly runs away from him, looking back with a teasing eye, ready for a chase. TJ drops his bag and coffee mug and takes off chasing her until she playfully surrenders herself to her Daddy’s loving arms.

It occurred to me as I was watching this daily occurrence that this is exactly how our relationship with God ought to always be.  Relishing His attention and care into our everyday lives. Enjoying in the fact that every day, He looks forward to our readiness to meet with Him and be cared for in His arms.

Thank you, Lord for the simple reminder that you are my heavenly Father who is always ready to chase me down and remind me of your never-ending love for me. May I always want to chase you too.


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