Menu Plan

Here’s the menu for the week. As you can tell, pregnancy hormones are dictating the addition of protein into our otherwise mostly vegetarian lifestyle. I’m also trying to make a point to eat salmon as much as I can for the wonderful Omega-3 fatty acids that will absolutely ensure a smart baby with a spectacularly above-average brain! I do what I can.

1. Vegan Pesto (request for repeat by the Hubs)

2. BBQ Chicken w/ Israeli Cous Cous & Grilled Zucchini

3. Quinoa Risotto &  Roasted Asparagus

4. Honey Seared Salmon, Salad and Smashed Sweet Potatoes

5. Wet Bean & Cheese Burritos & Salad

6. Chicken Tortilla Soup

7. Date Night

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One thought on “Menu Plan

  1. Omg, I LOOOOOOVE the vegan pesto recipe. We use it on pizza. Also made pasta with it and added some red sauce too…amazing! Keep on sharing the recipes mama. I love em!

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