My Little Mama

Earlier this last week, Sadie woke up screaming because of teething pain. When is this phase over again?! I get so used to her sleeping through the night that when she does wake up for something, I’m a zombie. Note to self: you start all over in October, so get used to it!

The poor girl was sticking her hand in her mouth yelling, “Owie!”

TJ and I tried the usual rubbing of the back that usually calms her down, but this night it wouldn’t do. So after giving her some medicine, I scooped her up and started “Shhhhh-ing” her until she was okay enough to try and nurse for comfort before going back to bed.

The next morning, as soon as she got out of her crib, she went to her toy bin and got her baby cabbage patch dolly. She scooped her into her arms and rocked her back and forth, patting her on the belly saying, “Shhhhh. Shhhhh.”

Oh, my little Mama. I love you little girl.


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