Paperless Kitchen

I saw other women on blogs I admire like The PigBear and New Nostalgia do this in their home and rave about it, but was positively sure they were nuts. I thought it was overkill, way too much effort, and didn’t make any sense.

How on earth can you survive without paper towels in the kitchen?!

It’s been over a week now that we have officially gone paperless, and I have to say that I’m loving it! Not because it’s a “green” thing to do, or because I’m attempting to be cheap (I’m NOT cheap, I’m frugal…there is a major difference). It just makes me giddy when I can stop spending money in one area and put that money somewhere else that I deem more important. I like to tell my money what to do.

I spent $10 on a glass jar to keep on the counter and $8 on 16 thick, white microfiber cloths to stuff it with. For less than $20, I won’t be spending anymore money on paper that will go straight into the trash. This is a good step forward since I’m completely guilty of wiping off one little spot on the counter and tossing it, or using 6 paper towels to clean off Sadie’s face after a meal. Oye.

I also have a good stack of extra baby wash cloths in Sadie’s drawer in the kitchen specifically for her pretty face after she makes her meal time messes.

Once I’m done, I toss the cloths into a little open trash can under the sink and wash them every other day while I’m doing cloth diapers. It’s literally no extra effort and my kitchen has never sparkled more.

Even the hubby thinks it’s a nice change!

I’m sold.

Hmmmm….maybe I just converted you too?!


6 thoughts on “Paperless Kitchen

  1. Okay…since I read you blog all the time even though I don’t really know you…I thought I would finally leave a comment! 🙂 We have been paperless and plasticless (if that’s a word) in the kitchen for about 4 months now and can’t imagine going back. Love it…and your blog too 🙂

  2. I found your blog through The Pigbear and I want to try going paperless in the kitchen, but what do you wash the towels with that get them clean? I can’t always get my dishtowels clean so I can’t imagine how to get the napkins clean. oh, and what do you do with spills? Just use a bunch of the towels?

    • I use Charlie’s Soap or Country Save to wash the towels. They are both detergents I also use for cleaning my daughter’s cloth diapers and have no brighteners or additives, but get things super clean. Charlie’s Soap has been especially great in getting stains out even without bleach. My advice for big spills or messes would be to have 2 different size towels available to use. One size that is smaller for the every day clean up kind of stuff that’s simple, like wiping the counter tops. Then have some bigger ones (Home Depot or Lowe’s sells them cheap) for big messes/house cleaning. Hope that helps you!

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