The Furry Love Affair

Our Sadie has had a lifetime love affair going on with animals. She can talk all day about them and often times does just that. As I write, she is laying in her crib on her back hugging her duckie tight saying, “Qak, Qak” (Quack, Quack) in between kisses instead of sleeping like she should be!

Topping her list by a long shot are Puppies. She will follow puppies, talk to puppies, and hug and kiss puppies with a passionate affection. The moment she hears a puppy, her whole agenda stops so she can proclaim that there is a puppy nearby and it must be discovered before she can resume life as usual.

Cows and duckies share a tie for second place. We just took her to Centennial Farm to see a massive cow named Sadie too (although we think our Sadie is much cuter). Duckies are always tons of fun to feed at the pond with Nana and Papa up the street.

And of course, one must not forget her 4 foot Brown Bear we affectionately call Brother Bear! He sits at the base of her crib, keeping her company every night. He is also the recipient of morning hugs, gets “boom booms” (jumped on) throughout the day, and is the cuddle monster for afternoon book perusing.

It’s so sweet to see her love on her animal friends!


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