Challenges of Mommyhood

Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent. -Marilyn von Savant

This week has not been my week when it comes to playing the role of Mommy. Sadie has been dealing with two more teeth coming in and a sore throat/cold. On top of obviously not feeling good, she’s simultaneously discovered how to purposefully disobey us (think climbing on top of the coffee table and then throwing a fit when I physically take her off and tell her she’s cannot do that to furniture) only to give me “the look” as she attempts a repeat. Let’s just say that now that she knows when she is doing something wrong, she does not like what consequences come afterward.

What kiddo does?!

Add this wonderful blend of challenges to the fact  that I am pregnant, tired, and usually not feeling my best, and we have a Mommy with not a lot of patience and who is feeling pretty crummy that things have not improved much at all this week.

It’s one of those weeks where you feel like you are just no good at your job. Even though you try your best, it’s not yielding the results it should.

You’re committed to doing the right thing, even though it’s the hard thing.

But…you’re exhausted.

Totally defeated.

Every morning this week I  have woken up with the hopes that she will be in a good mood. I wake up hoping that we can cuddle, read, play, and get something accomplished like we normally do. But everyday this week, I have woken up and within minutes felt exhausted by the amount of patience and selflessness it has taken to just get through an hour, let alone an entire day. I’ve felt completely embarrassed that my normally sweet, easy little girl has been so downright aggressive, disobedient, and stubborn.

If you’re a Mom, I’m hopeful that you could understand this phase we’re going through.

  • No amount of snacks you have shoved into the diaper bag will help keep your toddler from wanting to scream and get their way out of the shopping cart after sitting in it for 2 minutes. Too bad you have to ditch the cart and leave the store instead of just grabbing the 3 things you need at the store. That would require 6 hands.
  • No amount of bribing will get your toddler to sit in the car seat and buckle in without screaming and flailing on the floorboard of the car. A half hour later, nothing has changed and you’re late. And crying yourself.
  • No amount of food will make them want to sit in their high chair.
  • No amount of toys or books will let you take a shower without screaming because they are angry you are taking a moment to care for yourself and not giving them your undivided attention.

As a result of sickness and teething that have led to these instances, there are:

  • Dishes piling up in the sink.
  • Dinners that haven’t been made because I’m exhausted by the time 5:00 rolls around.
  • Loads of laundry that have yet to be done.
  • Organization that has now wilted itself down to chaos.
  • A husband and wife team screaming for some down time to reconnect.

If you can relate to my kind of week, please feel free to comment. It will make me feel much more normal!


3 thoughts on “Challenges of Mommyhood

  1. Jessie,

    It is all normal and just part of this wonderful journey we call parenting. I have been exactly where you are at, and sometimes still find myself there. For example last night after a nice time at AWANA’s my usually very well behaved and compliant 6 year old decided that he would try his luck at completely disobeying not only with words but physical actions, so I told him he would not be able to play with his pup for the 10 minutes we had promised and instead would go straight to his shower and then to bed. That led to him crying rather loudly but we got through it – with the help of course of his daddy who was able to calmly explain to him our reasoning and help him understand what went wrong. Once the shower was done all was well and this morning he was much better – back to his compliant little self.

    Sadie is just trying to show you how independent she can be, but she really wants to know that you are still there, in control of life, and love her unconditionally. Maybe your baby is a little on the strong willed side (that is what I find my second child’s personality more like 🙂 If I remember correctly little Sadie sounds a bit like her momma.

    Keep asking God for wisdom, love, and patience and He will provide, and remember you will not be feeling sick forever – this too shall pass.

    Sorry for the very long post – I just really do know what you are talking about. 🙂


  2. YES, YES, YES! I can relate! Being a mama is tough and there are days when I think, “Did I really choose this?!”. And honestly, my mom telling me “You’re going to miss those days!” doesn’t help at all…so I won’t repeat her 🙂 The truth is, you have the most challenging job in the world and all you can do is really give it your best. Some days, your best will be amazing and other days, your best will be, well, good enough. Give yourself lots of grace (especially when it comes to those dirty dishes and laundry piles!) – it will get done eventually, and any stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have days like these isn’t normal. Or she’s not telling the truth!
    hang in there! each day comes with many challenges and many gifts. You’re doing amazingly well.

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