Garden Update-Spring is here!

I can hardly believe my eyes! I haven’t killed any of our plants in our garden yet! In fact, Sadie and I picked two beautiful, big, sweet, juicy strawberries this week and gobbled them up. We regret not planting many more strawberry plants so we could have a bowl in the fridge. One plant only yields so many at a time, and it’s certainly not enough for the Brown berry lovers.

We’ve experienced squash blossoms, strawberries, and a ton of growth for all the plants we planted. I can’t wait for that huge zucchini plant to pop some out for us to grill!

Having a garden is something I love for many reasons:

  • It reminds me of my Mom mulling around with her cup of tea, waiting patiently for her tulips to pop out of the ground this time of year and talking to the birds.
  • It makes me feel domesticated…even though I have no clue what I’m doing.
  • TJ and I enjoy researching and doing it together.
  • I love the fact that I can go pick what I want to eat out of my own backyard!
  • It makes me want to sit right here with my lemonade, put my swollen prego ankles up, read a good book, and enjoy watching both my plants and my babies grow!

*This weekend, TJ is going to be using our compost bin to make worm tea and we’ll finally be able to feed our plants some wonderful, nutritious compost. I’ll be sure to post the process if you’re interested in how we utilize our thousands of worms!


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