Brewing Up Some Worm Tea

This weekend TJ and I were finally able to reap the benefits our thousands of worms from our DIY compost bin have been working so hard on.

First, check out that leachate (run-off from the bin) that fell to the bottom bin. It’s rich in nutrients for our plants. You just have to make sure to dilute it and don’t use it on house plants. Outside plants that have already proven to be strong are okay.

To get the compost, TJ laid out a trash bag and put the entire contents of the bin on top. The worms don’t like light, so they scurry to the bottom of the pile. That made it simple for TJ to sift through old food scraps that weren’t eaten yet, weed worms out to put back in their bin, and get the castings (compost) we would use for the garden.

*If you’re pregnant, stand at least 5 feet away unless you want to inhale some beautiful smells that will send you running for your bathroom. Not that I speak from experience or anything.

Here’s the lovely pile of compost. We put this stuff in the soil around our plants.

To brew your own worm tea, you’ll need:

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Molasses
  • An old sock
  • Fresh compost
  • Water

You fill the bucket with water and add 2 tbsp. of Molasses. The molasses is a food for the micro-organisms that are in the castings to allow them to grow and flourish so they don’t die off.

Next you fill the sock with your castings, tie it in a knot, and drop it in the bucket. Stir the bucket every so often, let it sit overnight, and then your tea is brewed. You can spray, or use a watering can to make your plants happy. Think of it as a lovely margarita for your plants as they enjoy the view from their perfect spot on the beach. Or maybe a nice, strong protein shake before your workout. Ahhhh….so nice!

One thought on “Brewing Up Some Worm Tea

  1. My wife and I did this last year. It really worked out perfect. Our plants loved it. We’re starting it up again next week. We live in Northern Colorado: there are a pile of worm farms here that offer good worms by the pound.

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