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This week begins a month of a different kind of menu planning for me. Normally, I do it myself. I sit down with my laptop and think about what we feel like eating for the next week. I dig up recipes I’ve put on hold to try and I re-visit old favorites. I base our menu for the week around what is on sale to get the most bang for my buck. The weeks of planning have now turned into years. I honestly don’t think much about it anymore…it’s just become old hat.

But I realize for those of you who are new to the idea of menu planning, my half hour routine of getting what’s in my head on paper to go grocery shopping may not come as easily in the beginning. Or maybe being organized isn’t a strong-suit. Or maybe you are simply in a phase of life where you just can’t put another thing on your plate….you’re just happy you brushed you teeth this morning!

Well, this just might solve your problems. Relish has offered me a full month of free menu planning services through their website.

Relish allows you to choose dinners each week and then you print out the grocery list and corresponding recipes and you’re DONE!

For $7 a month you get to have a week’s menu that will cost you about $90 at the grocery store.

Here are the pros that I have noted so far:

  • There are plenty of kid friendly, low cal, budget conscious, and even vegetarian options. They also have a special section for gluten-free individuals.
  • They offer nutritional info for each recipe (even the new Weight Watchers Points Plus values)
  • They offer a great section of freezer meals with corresponding recipes to stock up your freezer without any stress.
  • When your weekly grocery list is printed out, they use a letter to identify what meals that ingredient is for. So if you decide you need to cut out a meal, you simply look at the ingredients that are for that recipe and cross it out without any confusion.
  • All the recipes are kitchen tested and approved to take no longer than 30 minutes. I can hear all the Mama’s of the world cheering now.


  • While $90 for a week’s worth of groceries may be a huge decrease for some people in what they normally spend, this is above the budget I spend for a week (I try and stay around $50-60). After gone shopping for all our food for the week, I have to say it was a tad bit harder to stay within our normal budget and still have all the necessary ingredients for the menu. I opted to tweak the side dishes to suit our budget rather than spend more money for the sake of sticking to the list Relish gave me.
  • If you’re a foodie like I am, having to choose recipes from a list may feel limiting when there are so many meals you want to test out mulling in the back of your head. If you love someone telling you a new recipe to try, you may feel passionately the opposite.

Here is what we’re eating this week:

  • Crock Pot Shredded BBQ Chicken Sammies & Salad
  • Three Cheese Manicotti & Salad
  • Turkey Burgers with Sauteed Asparagus & Dijon Vinaigrette
  • Honey Glazed Broiled Salmon, Brown Rice & Salad
  • Cheese Enchiladas, Brown Rice & Zucchini

Relish has also generously offered a free 1-year subscription to one of my readers ($58.80 value).

Enter to win: (Up to 2 entries per person, leave a separate comment for each entry below letting me know which entry method you’ve done.  Without a comment, I can’t pick your name and you’re not entered into this giveaway.)

  1. Leave a comment telling me why a menu planning subscription would be helpful to you.
  2. Subscribe to The Brown Bag.

Your last day to enter the giveaway is on Sunday, May 1. The winner will be notified via email with directions on how to claim their prize!


8 thoughts on “Giveaway & Menu Plan

  1. I want to enter! A free menu planning service would fit my family’s needs at this point in our lives. Our new baby is 2 weeks old and we are trying to figure out how to adjust to life with a new little person. I will be returning to work part-time in September and that will bring additional challenges. With a service that does everything but shop for and cook the meals, shopping trips would be made easier and we would eat at home much more often. Having a list ready would also make it easier for my husband to run to the store to get the ingredients (a huge help to me!).

  2. Wow why to win…hmmm until reading your blog I never knew there was such a thing….silly I know. I have so much trouble figuring out what to make and find myself just continuing to make the same old thing. I get a million cooking magazines, but how to put it all together and make a weekly menu and put together better shopping lists boggles my mind. This seems like it could be just the right resource to help me get on track 🙂

  3. I have 3 kids and a husband in seminary. Need I say more?! 🙂 Some weeks it’s tricky to stay on top of menu planning and to be honest, when I get out of the habit, I stay out of the habit for weeks and weeks and just plan by the seat of my pants (so not fun!). This service would be awesome!

  4. I can only imagine what a Free subscription to relish could do for my family! As much as I know the benefits of meal planning it’s been rough even getting a start. A full time job in retail leaves no time for normalcy to my schedule thus leading us to often grab what’s easy and not so healthy. Having a weekly plan with a grocery list provided would take the guess work out of menu planning and help stop those impulse buys. Also it will support my change of diet having just joined weight watchers (a commitment I’ve been needing to make) overall it would be a change in lifestyle I want for myself and my family for a commitment to eat healthy. And one that would help me find meals fitting for my father who has diabetes and recent kidney failure.

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