18 Months

Before she even gets out of her crib she is asking to put her shoes on. We start most days with her diaper and a pair of shoes before breakfast.

Starting first thing in the morning  she requests the music be turned on so she can sing, dance, jump, and do her circles.

She says, “Happy Day” when she sees you getting her beloved berries out of the freezer. She has to have berries of some form with every meal.

She gives the best hugs around your neck and big kisses.

She has memorized almost all of her books.

She has the most beautiful little singing voice you’ve ever heard. Most times I catch her singing in her room playing with her shoes when she thinks I’m not looking.

She’s a sucker for water.

She lays down on her back on the floor at the drop of a hat asking for “tikkes” (tickles).

She loves nothing more than to chase and be chased by her Daddy in circles around the house until he stops to scare her at some point in the middle of her sprint. She asks for more.

She loves sitting on the couch or her chair like a big girl, but only on her “tooshie.”

When she gets in trouble and you have to tell her why what she did was wrong, she will immediately start pointing to all the features of your face in a sweet, innocent voice to distract you from any form of anger.

She talks to her Papa on her phone every morning.

She enjoys taking her books to the scale in our bathroom to sit for a quiet reading time by herself. When she’s done, she stands up and jumps off the scale with great pride.

She thinks all people, including herself have babies in their bellies like Mommy. Don’t take it personally if you don’t have a baby in your belly!

She puts her Ba (sippy) in the same place every time so everything is orderly and clean.

She eats dirt and comes to me to tell you, “Num, num” with the biggest dirt grin you’ve ever seen.

She is known to be the only girl in the nursery playing with cars and trucks in the corner while all the other girls play with their dollies.

She must be the only 18 month old sleeping with bumpers in her crib. She loves to use them as a pillow and nuzzles her head into the corner with her butt up in the air for the best sleep ever. We tried on numerous occasions taking them out, and she just wasn’t the same.

Happy half birthday baby girl!


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