They Are Not Ours

This morning in my Mom’s group I had the honor to listen to this Mom’s story of the loss of her son, Judson. You must watch this video. As painful as it is, there is so much truth and hope in this 2 year old’s story.

Disclaimer: You may want some tissues.

The two things that got me more than anything as this has been in the back of my head all day are these points:

1. Our children are not ours. God blesses and entrusts us with these precious gifts of life. He decides what He will do with their lives and how He will do it. Everything in His perfect time. Our job as the parent is to take them for as long as God blesses us and point them to Him. Parenting is so much more than teaching our children colors of the rainbow or how to share. Parenting is teaching God’s truth into our kids and loving them as God loves us. It’s not to show our kids we are “perfect.” It’s to show them that we are sinners who fall short and also rely on God’s strength. If we fail to do this, we are doing the greatest disservice to ourselves, to our families, and to God to gave this gift of life.

2. The everyday stress of life is so trivial. It’s been quite a while since I experienced such a heart wrenching trial that I have so easily become complacent to raw suffering. I remember a time where it felt like I was walking through my life not breathing. It felt like I was under water. It felt like nobody understood the deep pain and the uniqueness of my suffering.

But as things in life regain a new normal and as time passes, it becomes so simple to stress out the things that don’t matter and replace it for suffering. The truth is I am so lucky.

So the bills that can’t be paid can just be late.

The new food allergies we uncover with Sadie can be prevented and treated.

My nausea with a baby growing in my belly means there is a new life I have yet to see as God forms and molds them into His perfection.

We are all so lucky. Through the enduring of suffering, we have a hope in God caring intimately for our suffering who wants to reveal His providence and compassion.

Thank you little Judson for teaching us so much.


One thought on “They Are Not Ours

  1. His story really does put a lot into perspective. As tough as it was to hear the story for me today, I have had a really good reflection time with the Lord. And you’re right… the trivial things that we stress over as so not that important…. bills late….oh well…. thanks for posting this.

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