The Secret to Saving Money on Gas

We’ve all seen the articles.

“The 10 best ways to save money at the pump.”

“15 secret every driver should know about gas consumption.”

The list could go on forever as soon as prices head toward or hit an all-time high. But I’ve found the secret and I think you should know!

The secret to saving money on gas is….


I know some of us can’t do much about it. You have to drive to get to work to make the paycheck to pay for your gas. But even if you can’t get out of that driving for your job, you can still apply this principal to other driving habits you have outside of work.

For our family, TJ can’t get out of his commute to work. It’s way to far to ride a bike, and as much as he wants a Vespa, it’s not safe on a Southern California freeway. Since we have to fill up his car, we’ve made a point to limit my use of gas since I can be more flexible. This past week I only went through a quarter of a tank. Far better than almost the entire thing like I used to do in a week without thinking.

How can you cut back?

  • Do more things at home. Lucky for us, the weather has been great and our backyard is Sadie’s private park. We spend a lot more time being creative at home to pass the day. We color more, read stacks of books for hours on the floor together. We “paint” the kitchen floor with water and paint brushes, go for walks to the historic Orange Circle just a couple blocks down, dig holes in the backyard dirt, go looking for puppies in the neighborhood, go to story time at the library 3 blocks down, and run through the sprinklers.
  • Consolidate your errands. When I need to get something done, I try and group everything I need to do on one day and map out the most efficient way to do it so I’m not driving back and forth.
  • Pass up good deals. Yes, I said it. I’m passing up good deals left and right now in exchange for shopping at a maximum of 2 places a week. I’ve found that it costs me more money to drive to multiple stores to buy a couple items having a good sale than it does just to fork over the dough. Until gas prices go way down, I’ve been sticking to Target and Henry’s because they are right across the street from each other and have awesome deals that still save me a ton of money. Lucky for us, we also have an amazing new Farmer’s Market just a couple blocks from home that we can now walk to every Saturday morning instead of driving to our old favorite 20 minutes away. Scenarios like mine aren’t hard to find, you just have to make yourself aware.

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