Sex Party-Boy or Girl?

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. We have had Sadie’s Nana B in from Texas and she and Sadie have been playing hard since she got off the plane!

On Thursday afternoon, TJ and I went to THE ultrasound. We were joking with each other sitting there saying we were on a date. Guess it’s been too long since we were actually alone together.

The ultrasound went off without a hitch and our little baby was fully cooperative.

So, yesterday we had a great crew of our family and friends over in the backyard for the traditional Sex Party.

What’s a Sex Party?

The tradition started with my oldest brother and his wife. You go to get the ultrasound, but don’t let them tell you what you’re having. They write it down in an envelope with a picture of a confirmation from the ultrasound. You then think of a creative way to reveal the sex of your baby with everyone you love so you all find out together. The suspense is awesome!

With Sadie, we had our Sex Party on the anniversary of my Mom’s death. So we decided to make it special and do a balloon reveal so Sadie’s Nana could catch the balloons up in heaven.

This time, we went to Carters with our envelope. We picked out a boy and a girl outfit. We went up to the cashier with some cash and explained our scheme. When we left, the cashier opened the envelope to find out which outfit to wrap. She then wrapped the correct outfit in the box with the ultrasound results while we were out on our date.

Fast forward to the Sex Party where we opened the box and found out if we had a boy outfit or a girl outfit…

We’re having a……


We couldn’t be more excited for this little boy to make his mark in our family. Sadie will be much more normal playing with her cars now, and we don’t have to rack our brains for a girl name! In all seriousness, we feel so blessed for this healthy baby boy who will be such a wonderful addition to our family and a great little brother to Sadie.


3 thoughts on “Sex Party-Boy or Girl?

  1. Congrats you two…… Little boys are so much fun. And Congrats to Sadie on becoming a big sis even though she is older I’m sure her brother will always protect her.

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