Full Hearts and Full Bellies

Whenever we hear sirens, Sadie stops what she is doing to announce the car going “zoom.” Her fascination is just so girly. Just like my mom used to tell me, I tell her that those sirens mean the car is going to help somebody who needs it and we should pray for them.

Tonight at dinner, we were eating and talking together and then we heard sirens. Sadie dropped her spoon and announced the zooming car, as usual. TJ and I both repeated after her. She’s in that stage where you must repeat everything she says or you will hear it over and over until you give acknowledgement.

Then she did something that really took our breathe away…

Instead of going back to her dinner, she held out both of her hands for us to hold like when we pray as a family, and said, “Hands.”

TJ and I dropped our utencils, grabbed her hands and prayed for the people who needed help because of the sirens we heard.

She said, “Ahhhh meaahhhh (amen)” and resumed her eating.

What a proud moment for us to see this true first glimpse of God’s compassion for people permeating our little Sadie’s heart. My prayer is that her life is full of these kind of moments.

After a meal like that, we’ve never been so full.


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