Links I’m Loving

I thought it would be fun to reveal the things I’ve been obsessing over to you so maybe you can obsess with me.

I went to B&N during my weekly alone time to look at recipe books that could help me with Sadie’s new dietary restrictions and stumbled on this cookbook by Tyler Florence. If you are into making your own baby food and want to set your baby up to eat healthfully and the same things you eat by the time they are 12 months, this book is full of ideas.

Then I found the jackpot…I want to buy this cookbook as soon as possible! She offers some great wheat-free, dairy-free recipes and some basic formulas (all-purpose flour, pancake mix, pizza dough, etc.) for making things from scratch that would otherwise cost up to 250% more than the conventional counterparts. And, it’s beautiful…I’m a sucker for a beautiful cookbook. Thank goodness she also has a website.

Simple Mom has a great post full of links that help you be intentional with how to spend your summer with your kiddos. Whether it’s at home or planning fun activities out and about, this is a great encouragement to not let these fun days slip by. Since my days alone with Sadie are quickly coming to a close, I’m serious about savoring these days together to make them meaningful and memorable.

This New York Crumb Cake from Baked Bree just looks like a pregnancy craving waiting to happen.

And a good cup of iced coffee in a mason jar from Pioneer Woman….mmmmmmm.

Since Sadie’s birth didn’t go as planned, and there were some severe complications on my end after delivery, I have been noticing a wee bit of anxiety the closer to due date I get with Baby Boy Brown. This post by Passionate Homemaking is one I come back to whenever I need to be slapped into reality again. A must read for any prego gal out there.


2 thoughts on “Links I’m Loving

  1. Wish Tyler’s book was out 6 months ago! I might have to get it anyway after seeing him cook from the book, looks so good! And thanks for sharing the link about birth from PH!

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