Big Day for Sadie Rae!

We asked Sadie’s Nana B for a potty to put in the bathroom because we knew if we put one in after her baby brother was born in October, she would want nothing to do with it. Putting it in the bathroom before would take pressure off, would allow her to play with her potty, and just get used to it being around. So when she was ready to go, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. Well, less than a week after having her new potty in the house, we had a special day! I never thought I’d be so excited about pee.

Today was a big day and went something like this:

  • Played all morning hanging around the house.
  • Went to 2nd swimming lesson. She cried the whole time, but followed every instruction like a good little student. Went under water, kicked, jumped off the wall into the pool, floated on her back without a stop in tear flow. But she got out of the pool saying, “Fun. Water. Fun. Splash. Swim. Nice.”
  • Passed out from swimming for 3 hours.
  • Refused dinner. That was interesting.
  • Went to get water at the store with us.
  • Picked up some homemade spanakopita made by her Uncle on the way home.
  • Ate 4 helpings of spanakopita. First time she ate a green veggie that wasn’t hidden AND requested more. Maybe it was because she was starving after refusing her dinner earlier. Or maybe it was because her Uncle is so talented in the kitchen. Hmmmm…
  • Left the table, walked into the bathroom and asked to go potty. I asked if she wanted to take her diaper off just for kicks. She said, “Diaper off.” She sat down on the potty saying, “Pee pee” and actually WENT POTTY!
  • Meanwhile Mommy is screaming for Daddy to get the camera to capture the moment. Success.
  • Got a cookie (WFDF, of course) and went to bed one happy, proud girl after reading us the last word on each page of her favorite book, “All the World.”Way to go baby girl!!! Well, I guess not so much “baby” anymore!

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