Links on Parenting I’m Loving

If you have a little girl in your life, this article is a must-read. Regardless of the damage society has done on yourself and your own body image, it is crucial we shift our thinking and learn to love ourselves for our little girls to see true beauty. Not only that, but it’s time we shift how we speak. This is something I’m pondering more and more the bigger my prego belly gets and Sadie watches the transformation. Let your kids play in dirt!

And while they are playing in dirt, read this book that is also on my list:Having trouble keeping your kiddo in their room first thing in the morning? Getting 5:00 am wake up calls from a certain 3 year old? A good friend told me about this and I can’t wait to use it on Sadie on our soon-to-be post crib days.This post is a great reminder that you are not alone or in control despite being a Mommy in the trenches on motherhood.And last, but not least, a great reminder that I will literally be posting somewhere in our house with great ideas on how to rejuvenate yourself as a parent when life just calls for a break.

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