Date Nights

One of our first dates making some homemade pizza to eat out on the balcony at home!

I love and live for our date nights. If I have had a rough day being Mom or have just felt bombarded by life, nothing makes me feel greater than refueling with my best friend. I have an inkling the more little people we add into the mix, the more we will need them and the harder we will have to work for them!

Dates haven’t always been something easy to come by in our marriage. There was a time early on where dates were simply non-existent and we found out rather quickly that carving out intentional time together was essential for both of us to be happy.

It has taken a lot of maneuvering and a lot of conversation to figure out what works, but it’s all worth it!

Here’s a couple things that have been good for us:

Take walks together. Find a canyon, a park, or a path and enjoy some solitude time together walking. You have great scenery and it’s totally free.

Question each other. Just this past weekend during our Anniversary dinner, we made our date even better. Before hand, we both answered 10 of the same questions about the past 5 years of our marriage on our own so we could come together and discuss. If you’ve been with your spouse for a while, this was such an awesome way to reconnect and reflect on God carrying us through a good chunk of time together, and also be able to dream about the future. Even after knowing each other so well, some of our answers surprised one another!

Questions were re-formulated to fit us from this idea.

Switch it up. Sometimes dates don’t happen because it’s just too hard to think of something different or exciting to do all the time. And most of the time, the guy bears the weight of the decision. For a while we decided to switch it up. Every other week TJ was in charge of planning our date. And on his off weeks, it was my job to plan. This created more elements of surprise and guaranteed us doing things we knew we both enjoyed.

Swap. If you know other friends with kiddos, swap together so you don’t have to pay for a babysitter and each of you get regular date nights. An added perk is that you know your kids will have fun seeing their friends while you’re gone.

Movie Mondays. We have just started doing this on a more regular basis, but we’ve done it often in the past. Serve up a special, more gourmet dinner or appetizers than usual and pair it with a good wine for you both and cuddle up on the couch for some movie time to enjoy at home. No cell phones. No computers.

Picnic. Pack up a picnic and take it to the beach or go somewhere where you can people watch. Live by an airport? Park the car, eat, and watch planes fly in and take off. Have a backyard? Have a candle-lit meal on the grass. Just literally getting out of the house can do wonders.

Take advantage of group buying websites. We just got tickets to the movies for $5. You can always get discounted rates of places to eat or places to go. Often times they are things you haven’t done before, which can make a date night more memorable.

Coffee. If you’re tight on cash, sometimes it’s nice to go to a good coffee shop and simply sit and chat for an hour or so. It’s a nice atmosphere, inexpensive, and conducive to good conversations. Bring a deck of cards or a board game and you have a built-in game night too.

Chime in if you have some favs of your own to share!


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