Sadie’s First VBS

Sadie finished a full week with over 1,000 other kiddos at her first Vacation Bible School at Calvary!

I’m not gonna lie…it started out really rough with some major separation anxiety. My whole goal for her this week was to get used to spending a good chunk of time away from Mommy in preparation of being a little more independent for when her little brother makes his debut.Luckily, by her last day today, she went into her class like a champ.

There were many tearful good-bye’s and some “Mommy miss you” moments beforehand, but after I left her she had a blast with her little friends in the nursery.When I picked her up every day, she blew kisses and said, “K. Bye-eee fennnndddssss! (Ok. Bye friends).”

She then proceeded to talk a million miles a minute about how much fun she had coloring, giving snuggles and pats to friends, reading books, having snacks, going outside, and jumping.Mommy and Daddy are proud of you and all you learned about Yeshua (Jesus) at your first VBS!


One thought on “Sadie’s First VBS

  1. GOOD JOB Sadie !!!! Nana & Poppi are sooooooo very proud of you,

    You did A Great job,, & your such a big girl,,,,,,We love you so much!!!!!!!!!

    Luv Nana & Poppi

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