You Know You’re On a Budget When…

Do you know who Dave Ramsey is? Sadie does.

Every time we’re in the car and I turn the station and she hears his voice she exclaims, “Hi Dave!”

His facebook page asked people to respond to this and I thought some were worth sharing.

You know you’re on a budget when…

-You catch yourself washing out ziploc bags to reuse them!

-When other people feel sorry for you because your on a budget and you feel sorry for them because they’re not.

-You eat beans and rice and rice and beans.

-You pull out your cash envelope to pay for groceries and the cashier says, “That looks like a Dave Ramsey way of doing it.”

-When the times you do eat out are ‘kids eat free night’ and you and your spouse share something

-You have more money at the end of the month instead of more month at the end of the money.

-When you try to catch the cheerios being thrown off the high chair before they hit the floor…. That’s wasting food.

-99% of your sentences begin with “Dave Ramsey Says…”

-You realize that happiness isn’t having everything you want, but wanting everything you have.

-You stop and ask, do I really need that???

-You drive with both windows down in 90+ degree weather becuase your beater car doesn’t have a/c. (That’s for you TJ)!

-You don’t waste money on paper towels.

-You start keeping track of how many toilet paper squares you use per sitting.

-Your child can recognize Dave Ramsey just like he recognizes Spongebob.


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